Monday, November 9, 2009

Keepsake Loot and a Giveaway Spotted

Well, our Keepsake Quilting Open House adventure on Saturday was a great success, both for the store and for my creativity, but not for my pocketbook!

Here are my goodies before lunch:

I got a little corner trimmer as a gift, and the strip of beige fabric is what they used to tie my bag shut.  It's like getting another little gift.  One of the charm packs came with a free pattern.  I would have opened them, but it is very windy today!


This is the loot after lunch:

Yep, my sister had to think on an idea she had so we left, had a nice lunch, then came back.  Now I was done when we left the store the first time, but that didn't stop me.  The Christmas fabric is 25 10" squares, and the triangles are fat eighths impulse buys that were in a basket at the register.  The duckies are the gifty strip to close my bag.

I guess because it is a whole day trip, (2.5 hour drive one way) I feel that I should go crazy.  This is my third trip up there (over time) and on the way home I realized I have fabric and goodies from my first two trips I haven't even started yet.  Yikes.  Better get going!

I love the little freebies I got, the strips, the pattern, the corner trimmer, but if you go over to Sweet Home Quilt Co's Blog you will love this week's Friday Favorite Giveaway, some fabric by Cinnamon Stars by Fig Tree Quilts for Moda.  Check it out!

Until Next Time,

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  1. You have got some beaut stuff there, looking forward to what you make out of it.