Thursday, November 12, 2009

Unbelievable Breast Cancer Scam

I am just speechless and shaking my head on this one.  I had heard some DJ's talking about this on the car radio so I googled the topic when I got home.  I found on the story of Trista Joy Lathern 24, of Waco, TX, who held a fund raiser for herself and raised $10,000 for her breast cancer treatment, but she DOES NOT have cancer!!!! She wanted a boob job, and got it!!!!!  She says she thought a breast enhancement would help her marriage.  Click here for the story on

I tried to find an image to include in this post that would show the audacity of this story, but I couldn't find one that would be "clean" enough to post.

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  1. That`s terrible, isn`t there a law to stop this kind of rip off.