Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Meager Friday Night Sew In Results

I'm a little late posting my results from the Friday Night Sew-In as my side of the family celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday.  As for Friday, having DH home sick from work put a dent in my sewing time.  Oh well.

My plan was to work on a gift for my cousin who recently married.  I found a placemat and napkin kit on clearance at Connecting Threads, and bought some extra matching fabric to make a table runner to go with them.

I already had the placemats pieced and basted and was hoping to get them all quilted and start on the table runner, but I only got the center of 2 placemats quilted.  Hopefully I will try to get at it again today.

A close-up of a beginner's meandering center:

Hopefully you all had a fun and productive Friday Night!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are You In? For Friday?

For the Friday Night Sew-In that is.  It's tomorrow night so sign up, pick a project, carve some time to yourself and let the creative juices flow!  Or the wine!  (But not at the sewing machine...that would be bad)

I will be doing more of a Friday-Day Sew-In since Friday is the day both of my girls are in school and I have a few hours to sew.  Did I mention I love Fridays?

The Moon in Sepia

In the evening my older DD and I will be going on a moonlight walk with the local Girl Scouts.  If we get back early enough I may even get more sewing in.  I have a few (seems like hundreds) of projects I could work on and I haven't decided which one yet.  I will post my progress on Saturday for all to see.

If you want to get in on the Friday Night Fun, you can click on the button in my sidebar.

Let's get stitchin'!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Awesome Giveaway Spotted at Green Fairy Quilts!

Judi at Green Fairy Quilts is having a fantastic giveaway of a Moda Origins Fat Quarter Bundle to celebrate the birth of her beautiful new baby boy.  If you haven't visited her blog yet, you should.  She is a very talented long arm quilter and she has an on-line shop with great selection, great prices, and super fast shipping.  (Ask me how I know!)

Photo by Moda

Here is an example of what you might find in the bundle if you win!

Photo by Moda


Quick! You have until Friday so click on the button to get in on this great giveaway!

Until Next Time,

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Christmas Quilt Show Entry

Well, it has been way too long since my last post.  I've been dealing with some difficult personal issues and just haven't had the time or energy to think about blogging.  More recently I've been wanting to post, but feel a little shy about it....not sure why.  So, I thought an entry into Sew Cal Gal's Christmas Quilt Show would be a good way to jump back into blogland.  Here is one of my favorite Christmas Decorations.....

I had picked up this Advent Calendar panel at a local shop hop a few years ago.  I attached the little pockets, machine quilted and added some gold fringe on the bottom.  Then, instead of sticking candy in the pockets, I used my embroidery machine and stitched a Santa which I made into a tiny pillow.  You can see him in the top pocket.  We just move him from day to day to count down the days.

I also have this tree skirt I made for Mom a couple of years ago.  I think the pattern came from Quilter's World but I can't be sure as back then I was subscribing to no less than 4 quilting mags.

I do enjoy these on line quilt shows.....I find talented quilters I might not have otherwise found, and the eye candy!  Oh the eye candy!

So be sure to go and see all the other beautiful quilts in the show here.

Until Next Time,

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Results

Or should I say, Friday Day Sew-In progress?  No finishes....I decided to catch up on my Free Motion Quilt-Along.  Even though my hands were shaking some when I started, which I don't understand... it's.a.practice.quilt.... I was pretty pleased with my progress.  I've struggled with FMQ before, but Christina's step by step, no pressure instructions are really working well for me.

My practice pad

Then I worked on the next step which was the skinny strips on the quilt itself.  I am purposely using a contrasting thread for this as it is all about learning to control speed and tension, making it easy to see what needs tweaking.  My girls will still play with it when its done...they don't care if it's ugly!

Then I decided to break into the Haunted Mansion Layer Cake I showed yesterday.  I'm trying out a Disappearing Nine Patch.  I didn't realize until I took the picture that I am not crazy about the dark gray square.  If you need a second opinion, just ask your camera!

Hopefully I can play some more today.

Until Next Time,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Yay! It's Time for Friday Night Sew In

Except for me it will be a Friday-Day Sew-In. Today is my little one's first long-day at preschool so with both DD's in school I have about 4 hours to myself.  What to do?  What to do?

First.....get off the computer.

Then decide what to work on.....

Just need to sew these rows together....this poor thing has been waiting a few months for me to get back to it.


I'm itchin' to do something with these layer cakes

Sweet baby fabric that needs some lovin'

Free Motion Quilt Along top.....I'm already behind!  Click on the button to the right if you want to jump in.

Not to mention several others to choose from.  I'd best get on something though or I'm going to miss my chance!  What will you work on today?

If you haven't signed up for Friday Night Sew-In, click on the button on my side bar to check it out.

Okay, I'm going now....

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Runner and Trying to Find My Groove!

I had no idea getting into school routines would take up so much time...I thought I'd have more time lol!  Not to mention feeling I've got nothing to post about, or too much...feeling a little overwhelmed these days. Gotta find my groove!

Fall is in the air so I thought I could show one of my favorite creations.  I actually made this last fall from my stash.  It is a simple table runner with some quilting, applique, machine embroidery, and even a little hand quilting.  It is sort of my own design, as I took ideas from several different places and compiled them into this.

You can sort of see the hand quilted maple leaves near the center.  I was planning on covering the whole thing but was frustrated with my choice of thread and gave up after two.  Live and learn, right?

I used my Sulky Rayon Embroidery thread for the machine applique and love how it turned out.  Then added the little flowers with machine embroidery.

I suppose I could say its reversible.  I think as far as sewing goes, fall colors and themes are definitely my favorite.  Not bad for a rookie.  Now I hope I find my groove so I can get more fall goodies made!

Don'tcha love finding new blogs?  I came across JulieKQuilts from a link on Quilt Hollow's blog.  So glad I found her...her quilt tops are beautiful and she has stirred some ideas in my head.. and psst! she's having a GO! giveaway!  Go! check it out!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Free Aussie Applique BOM and Giveaway

Funny how timely things can be.  Here I was today, having decided to add another project to my long list of UFO's.  I wanted to do an applique with different blocks.  I love the Baltimore quilts, but that is way out of my league right now.  I wasn't really finding anything that jumped out at me on line and was planning on going through my huge pile of books and magazines to see what I could find.  Tonight I see a post from a lovely Australian blog I follow, Mother's Cupboard.  Fiona has designed a Flowers of Love BOM.  It is a ten part project and by the looks of the first block promises to be really cute.  Definitely looks like something I can handle.  She is generously giving this BOM to us for free.  So nice of her!

Here is a look at block one:

Photo by Mother's Cupboard

Not only is Fiona giving us the BOM, to celebrate the launch of this project, she is also giving away a complete set of blocks and the fabric to complete nine blocks to one of her followers.  Click on the "Flowers of Love" button in my sidebar to check it out!

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring in Australia.  It is also the day my first grader starts school, and despite the outrageously hot weather we've had this week, fall is just around the corner here in the Northeast USA.  I think I will enjoy the Aussie spring vicariously through this project during our winter.  Won't you join me?

Until Next Time,

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I'm GO!ing to Tell You About Another Giveaway.....

I seriously cannot believe all of the Accuquilt GO! Giveaways going on right now in blogland.  I think if you look at my recent posts you will see how much I admire the GO! cutter and will be getting one somehow.  There are new tutorials popping up all over the place filling my idea book up faster than I can write them down.

Sherri at A Quilting Life is the latest GO! Giveaway I have found.  Go on over and check it out! 

She talks about how easy it is to cut hexagons with her GO! cutter for her English Paper Piecing:

Photo by A Quilting Life

If you havn't tried English Paper Piecing yet, you can check out Quilt Campus for classes and free workshops.  Warning:  English Paper Piecing is relaxing and addictive!

One of these days I will see how many hexies I can stitch while watching Pride and Prejudice.  Seems like a nice way to spend an evening.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

ANOTHER GO! Giveaway Spotted! Have You Seen The Applique?

I really do think the Accuquilt Go! Cutter is the hottest thing since the rotary cutter.  And look!  It's portable!

Photos by Accuquilt

I have always used the rotary cutter, but remember my mother cutting from cardboard templates and scissors one piece at a time.  The rotary was the way to go for speed when it comes to strips, squares and triangles.  However curves and applique, for me, is still best done with scissors.  Now, with the Accuquilt Go! Cutter, not only are strips and squares quick, all KINDS of shapes will be easy to cut.  They already have SO many dies to choose from, including applique, and looks like they are adding more all the time. 

Looky at just some of the applique die shapes they have:

Go on over to Freckled Whimsy for your chance to win your own Accuquilt GO! Cutter and you too can have a bunch of shapes cut in no time!  But hurry, her giveaway ends tomorrow!

Until Next Time,

Monday, August 23, 2010

Accuquilt GO! Giveaways Abound! Here's Another One!

Have you visited Paulette at Sweet P Quilting and Creations?  If not you are missing out.  Paulette always has fun cheerful posts and great pictures to share and she is a "wool wonder" if you ask me.  You should see the hen penny rug she did recently, it is fabulous.

Anywho, her blogging style isn't the only reason for my post.  She has been getting to know her brandy new Accuquilt Go! cutter, affectionately named "Lady Go Go", whipping up some great homespun strips and showing us how easy the Accuquilt GO! is to use.  AND she has an Accuquilt GO! to give away!

photo by Accuquilt

I can't wait to get my hands on this machine!  You can see all the dies and accessories available at the Accuquilt website.  The possibilities are endless!

So go on over, check it out, then be sure to enter Paulette's Accuquilt GO! Giveaway!  If you win then you'll be whipping up quilt tops in no time!

Until Next Time,

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another GO! Giveaway!

How lucky are we that there are several chances to win an Accuquilt GO! Cutter! 

I can't wait to get my hands on one of these.  You can do so much with them and there are tons of dies to choose from.  Apples, and Circles and Tumblers Oh! My!

Jackie at Canton Village Quilt Works is having a GO! giveaway.  Head on over there for your chance!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My FNSI Was A Bust :-(

Well, things don't always go as planned do they?  Yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather, but thought I would still be able to sew in the evening.  However hubby got home late and something came up with extended family that was pretty important, which made for a very early morning today.  So, although I attempted to sew, I did not accomplish much.

Knowing I shouldn't sew when I'm tired, I had decided to make a few tough could that be?  But I only got the top of one done and I am not happy with it so I will start over.  Maybe today.

Or MAYBE I just pull out this UFO:

Its a Rail Fence top that I had started as a sample for a Girl Scout quilting class.  We plan to offer the class again in the fall so I need to have something to show them.

Hopefully you all had more successes with your Friday Night!

Until Next Time,

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Quilter's Latest Must-Have! AccuQuilt Go! Giveaway Spotted!

I've seen the Accuquilt advertised and thought, "that's nice but not necessary for me"  Well, the more I look into it, the more I want one!  I visited a quilt shop in New Jersey last week and they had their store demo for sale, so I got to check it out.  Then I see the tutorials on Sew Many Ways Blog and all the different dies available on the Accuquilt website and the ideas are just spilling over.  I REALLY want one of these!  Santa, I've been good!

photo by

Click here to see Karen's tutorials, you'll want one too, and enter the giveaway!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Free Motion Quilt-A-Long AND Friday NIght Sew-In!

In a recent post, I talked about trying to improve my free motion quilting by practicing on my Road To Spring Quilt.  I haven't made much progress:

That's it.  Just two designs so far.

For one, we've been traveling quite a bit this summer so I haven't had the time.  Second, I bought myself a birthday present by ordering the Gidget II Table from Leah Day.  You might be familiar with her fabulous blog 365 Days of Free Motion Quilting?  I have the table, and the Supreme Slider, also ordered from Leah, and am now anxiously waiting for my custom acrylic insert to fit my machine. 

Both of my girls start school soon and their days are longer so I will have a little more time to play.  How convenient that Christina at A Few Scraps is hosting a Free Motion Quilt-A-Long, complete with a giveaway of goodies to start you off!  The giveaway is open until August 21 so click on the button on my sidebar and check it out!  I'm talking to you Paulette! lol!

So, you can guess what I will hopefully be working on Friday during the August Friday Night Sew-In!  Sign up, call the pizza man and get your comfy sewing clothes on, make progress on a UFO and maybe win something!

Until Next Time,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gettin' In Some Embroidery Sewing Time

Today I thought it was about time to blow the dust off the embroidery unit for my machine.  (Actually, I just blew the dust off the case.... the unit is stored safely inside!)  Here she is hard at work on a towel,

Alas, I have not been paying attention to my little Etsy shop.  I need to fix it up, re-list some items and I will be listing what I got done today as well....

I think fall-themed projects are my favorite although Christmas is a close second....

These are some swirly snowflakes that will look great all season long.

Forgive the photography, these are fresh out of the hoops and I still need to rinse out the stabilizer and chalk marks.  Ran out of time gotta eat!

Until Next Time,