Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My "One Little Word"

A couple of days ago I was catching up on my blog list with my coffee.  Dottie Jane's post that day talked about "One Little Word" for 2010.  That brought me to Pat Sloan's post, which brought me to Ali Edward's post.  All three posts gave me something to think about so I have come up with my "One Little Word".  That word is "Now".  As in "being present in the moment for this moment is all we really have"

I've been reading books written by Eckart Tolle, a best-selling spiritual author and teacher, and they have changed my way of thinking overall.  By focusing on the now, I find I am calmer, have more patience and have greatly slowed down the incessant chatter in my brain, which leaves room for my creative side.  I am learning to accept and embrace "the now" instead of letting my mind/ego turn it into more than "what it is".  It's a little hard to explain in a nutshell here, if you want to know more about Eckart Tolle and "The Power of Now" you can visit his website here.

Thanks Dad, for introducing me to "Now"  (hugs)

Until Next Time,

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