Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Progress and a Few Firsts

It was so nice to make real progress on a project!  I am forever putting myself last and thinking "I'll sew tonight" only to be too tired at the end of the day.  The weather wasn't great here yesterday, so I cheated a little and put in a video or two for the girls, occupying them while I sewed...during the day.  Never happens.

Anyway, I was able to complete my Road to Spring Top and get a pieced backing together, as well as cut the batting.  I am ready to baste.

Still not lovin' it yet, but it is growing on me.  The firsts?  First batik quilt.  I bought a whole bunch of batik fat quarters on sale last year not knowing what I would do with them.  This is my first bloggy quilt-a-long (Thanks Randi!), and I have never done a pieced backing before.

This back just might make me "love it" when it is done.  I'm thinkin' scrappy binding too.  Another first.

When I look at the top I can see it divided into 6 inch squares within the rectangle strips.  I've tried free motion quilting before, without much sucess, but I am going to give it a serious try with this quilt using the book "Free-Motion Quilting Made Easy" by Eva A. Larkin.  She has great step-by-step instructions for quilting simple designs in small sections at a time.  I ought to get plenty of practice on this 50"x60" baby.

All in all a very successful Friday (Day)Night Sew In.  I am going to make an appointment with myself to do this every Friday.  Wish me luck.

Until Next Time,


  1. Great job with your FNSI. Getting to the quilting part is the best. Fun quilt top (and back too! -- i love pieced backed).

  2. love it! it's giving me ideas with some leftover balipop strips.