Monday, August 2, 2010

Basting Can Be Comfortable!

I was able to get my Road to Spring quilt basted on Thursday.  Thanks to the wonderous talents of Sharon Schamber, I have learned a way to thread baste that is quick and most of all comfortable.  No more hands and knees on the floor!  Today I sat at my dining room table and happily basted my 50" x 60" Road to Spring quilt top in a little over an hour.  Sharon has a how-to video on You Tube, which you can see here.

I first learned of Sharon a couple of years ago when she was featured in the American Quilter's Society's "American Quilter" magazine.  Her award-winning quilts are nothing short of stunning.  Treat yourself and see some of her work here.

Now, off to get ready for some serious free motion practice!

Until Next Time,


  1. Very pretty top and the quilting will certainly make it pop! Lovely!!

  2. I love that method for basting. It is so much better than pinning, etc. Your quilt top is gorgeous, too!

  3. Just watched the tutorial. Can't wait to try it out!! :) Thanks!

  4. This turned out beautiful! Love it.