Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gettin' In Some Embroidery Sewing Time

Today I thought it was about time to blow the dust off the embroidery unit for my machine.  (Actually, I just blew the dust off the case.... the unit is stored safely inside!)  Here she is hard at work on a towel,

Alas, I have not been paying attention to my little Etsy shop.  I need to fix it up, re-list some items and I will be listing what I got done today as well....

I think fall-themed projects are my favorite although Christmas is a close second....

These are some swirly snowflakes that will look great all season long.

Forgive the photography, these are fresh out of the hoops and I still need to rinse out the stabilizer and chalk marks.  Ran out of time gotta eat!

Until Next Time,

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