Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Night Sew In Results

Or should I say, Friday Day Sew-In progress?  No finishes....I decided to catch up on my Free Motion Quilt-Along.  Even though my hands were shaking some when I started, which I don't understand... it's.a.practice.quilt.... I was pretty pleased with my progress.  I've struggled with FMQ before, but Christina's step by step, no pressure instructions are really working well for me.

My practice pad

Then I worked on the next step which was the skinny strips on the quilt itself.  I am purposely using a contrasting thread for this as it is all about learning to control speed and tension, making it easy to see what needs tweaking.  My girls will still play with it when its done...they don't care if it's ugly!

Then I decided to break into the Haunted Mansion Layer Cake I showed yesterday.  I'm trying out a Disappearing Nine Patch.  I didn't realize until I took the picture that I am not crazy about the dark gray square.  If you need a second opinion, just ask your camera!

Hopefully I can play some more today.

Until Next Time,


  1. Great job on the quilting! I REALLY like the leaves!!! And the Halloween pieces look great together!!! :)

  2. Your free motion quilting looks good to me and it is not ugly.

  3. You FMQ looks fricken awesome! LOVE LOVE LOVE the leaves. Great job Lisa!

  4. I love it! And the Halloween fabrics pieced together look fabulous! Thanks for the kind comment on my blog today. I appreciate it!

  5. You did a wonderful job with your free motion quilting...Keep it up!