Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In Results and A Surprise in the Mail

As you can imagine, I wasn't able to get as much done on the bed runner as I would have liked having a sick 7 yr old but I did make some progress.  She's feeling much better today so hopefully I will get more quilting done on it.  Here is some of what I have so far....

I am really liking the pattern on the back.

I also got a sweet little surprise in the mail yesterday.  I had submitted a block for Moda's Just One Star project and they sent me a thank you card with a mini charm pack of Countdown to Christmas!   I. Love. It.

I have the perfect place for a little table runner in my living room.  Starting it however, will have to wait.  Not only do I have several projects in line already, but I just want to keep this adorable little charm near my sewing machine so I can just look at it.  It is sooo cute!  Thanks Moda!  You shouldn't have! (blush)

Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In Tonight and Bloggers Quilt Festival Coming Soon

We have had a nasty stomach bug going around youngest had it for 5 days and now my oldest is home from school with it.  Tonight is this month's Friday Night Sew-In and here is what I will be working on today and tonight in between sick care:

This is a bedrunner for my sister, you can see my previous post about it here.  Come to think of it, I worked on this at last months FNSI.  I am quilting in the ditch trying to get a chain link fence effect and having a hard time finding where I've already been!  So even though I thread basted using Sharon Schamber's method, I have to place pins in the blocks I have gone around so far.  I guess my top thread matches a little too well!  I hope to present this to her when we get together for Easter.

Also, once again folks, it is time to start thinking of what project you will show us all at the next Blogger's Quilt Festival coming up next month over at Amy's Creative Side.  An inspiring ton of fun to see the beautiful projects of others. 

So mark your calendars and jump in on the fun!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Friday Night Sew In This Friday!

Get your taxes done so you can be free to join us this Friday, April 15 for Friday Night Sew-In They have a new button....isn't it cute?

Click HERE to Sign Up!

I have been MIA from my blog lately as I have been taking care of Little One's tummy bug, Big Girl's birthday party and sewing like crazy (yay!)  I have my sister's bed runner basted and just started to quilt, and I have been making cute little sun dresses for my girls.  I will be working on these this week and Friday night as I want them done in time for Easter.  For once, I think I will make my goal!

I also received an email from Connecting Threads that I was a winner in one if their giveaways!  Yippee!  I am one of those people who "never win anything" so this is exciting for me.  I have this gem of a book on its way to me plus a charm pack to go with it!

Photo from Connecting Threads

I have to say though, that I have a slight problem with Connecting Threads in that I LOVE every collection they come out with!  Everytime a new catalog shows up I shake my head 'cuz I want the new fabric but often can't justify it without a project lined up as I am up to my eyeballs in UFO's as it is!  I can't keep up guys!  Their prices are amazing and their customer service is top notch if you ask me.  They also have a nice quilting community website called Quilt With Us.  Tons of inspiration and friendship...there are lots of different groups you can join, regional, techniques, experience, quilt-a-longs etc..  You are sure to find something you like!  Click on the Quilt With Us button on my sidebar to check it out.

Until Next Time,

Friday, April 1, 2011

Now I Know Spring is Here!

.....Despite the snow storm we got last night!

I am excited for Opening Day!  Go Sox!

The other sure-fire sign of spring in our town...,..

Our Dairy Queen is a walk-up, so it is only open spring and summer!  They opened last weekend! Wahoo! 

My name is Lisa and I am addicted to DQ Pecan Mudslides.
There.  I said it.

And most importantly......

My oldest DD turns 7 today.  No foolin'!  Happy Birthday Magoo!

Have a great weekend everyone...

Until Next Time,